Permanently banned can i get it removed or reduced?

Excuse my bad english, im greek So i was playing some league and i got in a match against a katarina and i was winning lane from a farm and push perspective but katarina got lvl 6 and started roaming, i pinged bot lane to retreat but they kept pushing and kata got a double, after some minutes of the same thing over and over kata was 7/0 and our botlane was 1/6 and 0/5 so i said in chat "report bot" and lucian immediatelly freaked out and started flaming me in greek insulting my religion saying things like Γαμω τον χριστο σου και την οικογενεια σου which translates to i fuck your jesus and your family ( its a rough translation but it makes more sense in greek) so i called him a r%%%%% and got tilted and started being mildly toxic, and sure enough got banned the next few hours and lucian is still not banned. Second game we had a delusional tryndamere top with terrible runes,bad items and lost against mordekaiser because it was his first time playing tryndamere,keep in mind that this is ranked anyways so he lost lane,came mid and farmed my lane, died to my enemy mid laner, started blaming me and my premade friend that it was out fault for him losing his lane because we did not go top enough times. I know my behaviour was not acceptable but i had spent over 200 euros on that account with many skins that are not purchasable that i got from chests, so im just asking for a second chance because i think getting permanently banned for getting tilted from a feeding lucian that insulted my family and religion and a delusional tryndamere that blamed us for his faults and just mildly flaming them is unfair. One last thing i have been banned before for 14 days (never got a chat ban though) but that was months ago and i was friendly and polite for months till i just snapped because of this 2 games. Anyway enough rambling here is my chat log: Game 1 In-Game PentakillZedGR: quick question PentakillZedGR: was hail of blades removed? PentakillZedGR: i think it got removed like some months ago PentakillZedGR: not sure tho PentakillZedGR: nai PentakillZedGR: OMG PentakillZedGR: man PentakillZedGR: i had no W PentakillZedGR: anyways PentakillZedGR: lane is basically over now PentakillZedGR: cuz kayn was low af PentakillZedGR: and kata was far away from me PentakillZedGR: I PINGED PentakillZedGR: just check chat PentakillZedGR: pinged PentakillZedGR: thx for feeding her PentakillZedGR: rep lucian PentakillZedGR: fed kata PentakillZedGR: gg PentakillZedGR: E;EOS PentakillZedGR: gg PentakillZedGR: rep bot PentakillZedGR: we lost PentakillZedGR: lucian fed her 2 much PentakillZedGR: LEAVE PentakillZedGR: U PUSH SO MUCH AND EXPECT NOT TO DIE PentakillZedGR: gg PentakillZedGR: its over PentakillZedGR: I WAS AT BASE PentakillZedGR: U R%%%%% PentakillZedGR: 7/0 kata PentakillZedGR: gg PentakillZedGR: rep bot PentakillZedGR: ff 15 PentakillZedGR: and rep bot PentakillZedGR: 0/4 PentakillZedGR: 1/6 PentakillZedGR: always bot PentakillZedGR: feeding PentakillZedGR: and now lucian is flaming in greek PentakillZedGR: why??? PentakillZedGR: bot managed to make a 0/0 kata with bad farm PentakillZedGR: go 11/0 PentakillZedGR: thats league players for ya PentakillZedGR: 1/7 PentakillZedGR: 1/7 PentakillZedGR: 1/7 PentakillZedGR: yes u fed kata PentakillZedGR: gave her 7 kills PentakillZedGR: u are trash PentakillZedGR: bg rep bot PentakillZedGR: wtf?????? PentakillZedGR: WHO PRESSED NO PentakillZedGR: OMG PentakillZedGR: REPORTED PentakillZedGR: whoever did it PentakillZedGR: reported PentakillZedGR: 1/5 PentakillZedGR: 2/7 PentakillZedGR: 0/5 PentakillZedGR: guess why im toxic PentakillZedGR: cuz bot fed a mediocre kata PentakillZedGR: thats hy PentakillZedGR: why PentakillZedGR: she was an easy win PentakillZedGR: and u managed to get her 7 kills PentakillZedGR: each PentakillZedGR: was 0/0 PentakillZedGR: till kata went 7/0 PentakillZedGR: gg rep bot and top Game 2 Pre-Game PentakillZedGR: tsekare match history PentakillZedGR: mexri kai me smurfs exei paiksei kai eixa decent score PentakillZedGR: oxi PentakillZedGR: oxi PentakillZedGR: den thelo ganks PentakillZedGR: mia sto toso mono PentakillZedGR: den ta pigaino kala me allous PentakillZedGR: lol PentakillZedGR: ok In-Game PentakillZedGR: i hope so PentakillZedGR: cuz if he is not PentakillZedGR: remake PentakillZedGR: ok PentakillZedGR: why electrocute on draven? PentakillZedGR: and play good cuz vayne has 400 k PentakillZedGR: ELEOS PentakillZedGR: ti speed einai afto PentakillZedGR: lvl 5 eimaste' PentakillZedGR: den exei kan boots PentakillZedGR: den pirazei omos PentakillZedGR: den uparxei logos na kanoume tpt stin seju PentakillZedGR: ti ekana slow PentakillZedGR: patisa Q pano tis PentakillZedGR: kai meta ult PentakillZedGR: gia na trekso grigora PentakillZedGR: kai pali efuge PentakillZedGR: nami 0 iq PentakillZedGR: HELP PentakillZedGR: FFS PentakillZedGR: 3/0 PentakillZedGR: OMG PentakillZedGR: EINAI TOSO GRIGORI PentakillZedGR: WHAT PentakillZedGR: ARE PentakillZedGR: U DIUNG??? PentakillZedGR: CHASE GIM PentakillZedGR: rep trynda PentakillZedGR: gg PentakillZedGR: xasame re PentakillZedGR: ela gg PentakillZedGR: teliose to game PentakillZedGR: oute kan na kinigisei ton morde den mporei PentakillZedGR: gg PentakillZedGR: 0/3 PentakillZedGR: LOST AS TRYNDA PentakillZedGR: FFS PentakillZedGR: cuz u are bad PentakillZedGR: does u ult not work?? PentakillZedGR: feeding is PentakillZedGR: we came top 3 times PentakillZedGR: u just farmed PentakillZedGR: while we chased him PentakillZedGR: he dintnt ult me once PentakillZedGR: HE DINTNT ULT ME PentakillZedGR: OMG PentakillZedGR: ggs PentakillZedGR: cuz u fed him PentakillZedGR: 7/1 is unstoppable yes PentakillZedGR: if u cant play trynda PentakillZedGR: dont play ranked PentakillZedGR: DEF PentakillZedGR: gg PentakillZedGR: rep trynda PentakillZedGR: fed morde PentakillZedGR: TRYNDA PentakillZedGR: WHAT ARE UR ITEMS??? PentakillZedGR: u dont even know the basic build PentakillZedGR: bg rep top PentakillZedGR: feed PentakillZedGR: and flame PentakillZedGR: first time trynda on ranked That were my games what do you think was it unfair? or did i deserve it? i personally believe a permanent ban is too much but my opinion is biased since its my account, if i do not get my ban removed(which is the most likely scenario) i will stop playing this game(already made a goodbye post just in case) anyways i hope i get my account back. GL&HF to everybody and sorry for crying and making an essay.

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