Threatening a report. Inting vs Bad

I'm really unsure of how the report system works because I usually report at least one person per game whether it be inting or negative but literally every game there's at least one dude spamming ff and telling everyone to report me for no reason. So then I say report them back for negative flaming and I'm just afraid that their report is gonna go through because I have said the report word in all chat too. Like what am I supposed to do if I am playing solo queue and half my team is inting and negative just because I say something like "Jax why is kindred in your jungle, please ward" and then our mid lane is like 0/6 and I say "dude please stop inting" and then he ints 2 more times and I ask the other team to report them for inting. I'm just sick of all the kids inting going 1/12/1 like dude if ur 1/6 then stop fighting and farm. But then the whole other team is like hes not inting, he's just bad. But really no, when you're 0/6 in the first 10 minutes that is inting. U could easily just play safe under tower but they chose no, they chose to int and then finish 0/9/3 with a surrender. I am just afraid about me saying please report them and then arguing whether they are inting or just bad when clearly they are both since they chose to go solo queue and play like monkeyballs. I just really wish you wouldnt be able to be penalized if you were doing nothing wrong. just on the frustrated end of losing a ranked game when you played well. This whole game turned toxic and its just really annoying. This needs to be addressed.
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