So I got permabanned by riot.

honestly I have never been the kind of toxic player that deserves reports for behavior I do understand that you get punished by the system for having at least 2 games back to back in which you say something that can be reportable but the thing is that ever since i had a 2 week ban i had tried to stray away from even communicating with my own team to obviously avoid someone reporting me and the other night i just went on a crazy binge playing ranked back to back non stop over 10 hours and i had said something in 2 games that got my account banned. I honestly believe riot needs to change their flaw automated insta perma system because there are players out there like me who don't try to make this game negative for people yet we struggle with other players who DO make the game a hell for us and cause us to lose our minds here and there. I had only played ranked since last season ended up in silver 4 then new season kicked in and i was set to bronze 4. been struggling to past promos from bronze 4 because there is always someone in my team (me included, but most games i honestly carry if not all the time, and i don't start blaming people either about it ) that manages to throw games then proceed to verbal abuse or harass other players in both teams. I was not in a right mental state to have played the game in the long hours i did and i let my mind get the best of me at the turning point in which they decided to ban my account. so if i can't get my account back, i already made peace with it maybe time to move on from this game for good because honestly its done nothing for me positively anyways. I lose sleep, and many hours in my life i dedicated myself to this game and while i try to keep the most positive attitude in the fields of justice riot deems me as a toxic player who doesn't deserve the respect to play their game so be it. But i would like to say something that while it may be irrelevant to the game itself this is something i found interesting while watching their latest episodes of /ALL CHAT in which the one titled "role stereotype" we see a riot employee (i think its phreak) calling a group of kids "dumbasses and fucking idiots" LINK - SO that behavior from part of riot is acceptable and totally ok? they are allowed to cuss and use explicit language as much as they deem like while punishing others who do the same ? how does that make sense? moral of the story don't ever spend over 5000 dollars in a game where they don't care about their own summoner's code, they just want your money. This company doesn't have real morals for them to be judging others themselves, i can see it from their attitude towards summoners like me who have tried to do better and change their behavior but had a fallout which shouldn't have happened but hey, that's life. on the plus side, i guess i can finally say i got out of bronze , ayeeee.

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