PSA: Do Not Lie In Your Chat-Logs

Guys, lying in Chat-Logs is a clear indicator of guilt. It basically shows this: 1. You realize that your behavior was unwarranted and you were clearly aware of the toxicity of your behavior. 2. You decided to use the language anyway, despite knowing the effects it would cause and the risks to your own account. 3. You were caught red-handed with full knowledge of your toxicity. 4. In an effort to reverse your ban, you are trying to manipulate the chat-logs and sell them back to the people who gave you the original copies and who still have them (which is asinine) 5. You are trying to sway support for your reversal by manipulating the situation, with full knowledge of your own toxicity. ---- With all things considered, such behavior shows an unwillingness to identify the problem: **your toxicity**. It also shows your unwillingness to reform because it reveals your sense of entitlement. This behavior removes any sympathy we may have for you, and also any sympathy a Rioter would have for you. And as Rioters are the ones who can change the status of your account, lying won't benefit you in any way... So all things considered, **DO NOT LIE IN YOUR CHAT-LOGS** The entirety of Player Behavior is devoted to helping you understand your behavior and how to improve. If you decide to ignore that purpose, you are not going to get anything productive from this forum when you decide to lie to the community and be deceitful. So just remember, the chance of you getting any support from edited Chat-Logs is absolutely zero.
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