Ways people ruin games without being punishable

**Scenario 1:** You're {{champion:103}}mid, 1/0/1 with 145 CS @ 14min, already destroyed tower and you're pushing so you can roam bot since they need it... {{champion:5}} has a full jungle and both Dragon and Rift Herald are up. Ward coverage is great, supplemented by that control ward you bought solely to help your jungle. Bot is being pushed in and he decides to come mid and stand around waiting to demolish the wave, doing his best to last hit every creep that wasn't a caster 1-shotted by orb. You ignore it, because you know if you mention that you can't farm jungle like him and he could be farming there, he'll start deliberately following you around to do nothing but steal creeps. (as always) **Scenario 2:** You're {{champion:22}}. You're having a bit of a tough lane phase and are behind by 20 CS, but your team's jungle {{champion:104}} comes by at just the right time to pick off 10% HP {{champion:236}} and {{champion:99}}. A little annoyed that he swooped in just to take both kills but ultimately relieved of enemy kill pressure, you see the enemy jungle at top and decide to clear up the wave and take a turret plate before returning to complete your {{item:3153}}. {{champion:104}} takes it upon himself to smite your cannon minion and steal the rest of your wave with his superior early game waveclear, then leaves running right past dragon with full health. Again, you ignore it, because doing anything but sitting down and shutting up is going to get him to try even harder to tilt you. Of course, now that he has a leg up he has no more reason to come bot, and your enemy's lead continues to grow. What are you even supposed to do in these situations? It happens _almost every game_. The only time it isn't an issue is when I'm support, because I'm not the one trying to farm. Am I supposed to just get {{item:3301}} as an ADC, knowing that the jungler in a pretty vast majority of games takes whatever they want when it suits them, but isn't actually there to help?
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