What a stupid community

Just had a Zed take my mid lane after I called and locked in and he said NOTHING. So I complained at the start, haven't had a great day for trolls I'm already a bit fed up... But now I'm stuck supporting with Vladimir. After my first complaint, our J4 top starts chewing me out about how it's only a game, etc. etc. That answer is fine and dandy, but why is it then okay for me to try to play the game, and someone else just strong arms me out of my role and stuff? How is being bullied fun? Obviously knowing I was in the right, and being berated by our J4 ticked me off. Normally I'd mute and play it out, but the mid and top had already fed first and second blood. So not only did he take my lane, he is now feeding it. Jarvan and I had a long back and forth, all game. I know how sensitive this snowflake game's word censors are so I try to avoid using anything vulgar, one or two F bombs may have slipped; and BAM 14 days. So I just got trolled to the ends of the Earth all night playing this game, then I get banned after adjusting and playing support. What an absolute fucking joke. Giving DOTA a whirl, because I haven't heard of the stacks upon stacks of bans this game has in DOTA. It is a competitive game, 12 year olds shouldn't be playing it, and anyone older than that should be able to handle reading fuck or bitch, and then clicking the mute. There are no bans or reports in the real world, and this game is becoming more and more of a joke, pandering to children with bullshit like Zoe and these baby bans.
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