How exactly does the correction system in LoL work?

The reason I ask this is because about 6 months ago I received a two week ban for flaming the ever-living shit out of someone for running it down. Not saying I didn't deserve it. Yes, I had every right to be angry, but I blew things way out of proportion. Anyway, I've been paranoid ever since. I'm constantly thinking to myself, "What if I snap once more, and my account gets perma banned as a result?" Now, from what I've read, every account has a hidden "reputation score" or something like that, and that if I keep playing without receiving any sort of penalty, my score will gradually go up until eventually it'll be back to where it was before. Question is though, is this actually true? Overall, I'm not worried about getting permanently banned. Hell, it took 4 1/2 years for me to receive my first ever penalty, so overall I'm pretty good at managing my temper. Regardless though, I couldn't help but wonder.
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