Insight as to why I was permabanned for this?

Got permabanned for this chatlog, and I am thoroughly confused as to why. Here is the chat log from the game: Game 3109469809: Nithez: thanks for giving kayle 2 kills Nithez: i appreciate it Nithez: u 2 Nithez: keep camping if shes gonna keep pushing [All]Nithez: nice Nithez: double kill you gave kayle at start u feel Nithez: how Nithez: i had no mana for baron... Nithez: i didnt think you needed me im sorry... Nithez: you guys gave kayle a doulbe kill for fb but im trolling Nithez: okkkk Nithez: im sorry xerath please stop calling me a %%%%%% Nithez: no i havent Nithez: what i do [All]Nithez: eve called me a %%% [All]Nithez: plz report I didn't help the team with a baron because I thought they could do it without me, and the Xerath on our team started flipping out, typing in all caps about how I was trolling, calling me a fa**ot, etc etc, and all I said back was to please stop calling me that. I then accidentally said to report the Eve on our team to the enemy instead of saying Xerath because she had been typing messages telling him to chill and overall taking my side that he was being super toxic. The support staff I've been talking to has said I'm getting perma banned for using homophobic slurs and falsely reporting, yet no where in this chat log do I call anyone a homophobic slur, I simply ask the dude flaming me to stop, and tell the enemy team what he was calling me so that they could report him (even tho I mistakenly ask them to report the wrong person; shouldn't be a big deal seeing as eve wasn't doing anything wrong and won't be punished; this is also the first time I've ever encouraged "falsely reporting" someone). Seems a bit harsh to permaban someone for accidentally saying one champs name instead of the other. Would love some insight on this. Is it because I am a month off a 2 week ban, and this is just to prove a point? I didn't break any guidelines here. Didn't flame anyone, call anyone names, encourage self harm, literally nothing besides asking the enemy to report the wrong person.
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