How about a little warning?

This is not an angry rant or an attempt at appeal. My chat ban was justified, but not for the game that pushed my account over the edge, it was for an innapropriate joke I'd made like a week prior in a pregame lobby, which I'd forgotten all about. I'm all for accepting accountability and I deserved it for that. What rubs me the wrong way though is that the game that pushed it over the edge, I didn't flame or say anything particularly nasty to any of my teammates. The chat was a little heated (nothing I think was really overboard). The issue was that I had 3 teammates flaming me because they didn't like my macro choices (one of them I muted, yeah I know I should have just muted all of them). But this is something I've run into before, even if all 3 of those teammates are wrong, riot will likely side with the majority because on the surface it just looks like I'm not cooperating with my team. I know, it sounds egotistical to think I'm right and all 3 are wrong, but realistically it's not that hard to get 3 wrong people in a room together (just look at a Trump rally lol). But whatever, I made a mistake of replying repeatedly when they kept accusing me and blaming me for mistakes they were making. What this is post is really about, is could we maybe get an automated message when our accounts are flagged so we at least know when we're close to anything pushing our account over the edge? I think this would overall improve player behavior because it's more preventative than punitive. It would likely result in less bans, which means less time people on Riot's payroll have to spend replying to angry support tickets asking for appeals. And on top of that, players might not always know that they were in the wrong until after they get a ban; I think a bit of warning would be a good thing for everyone, even if it's just a "cut the crap, clean up your chat"
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