Perma ban

Heres the game i got PERMA BANNED for. for context the teemo was trolling the entire game. my account is WTDC and its the last game there. watch that game and tell me if i deserve a perma ban. i didnt remove any texts that i put into the game Pre-Game WTDC: bot WTDC: do you like ali WTDC: what kind of sup do you prefer WTDC: yeah ikr, just lets play together k WTDC: want exh WTDC: or ign WTDC: we were to WTDC: kk WTDC: thats what i prefer WTDC: yup In-Game WTDC: muting top WTDC: report him after game pls WTDC: lets try to win tho WTDC: \ WTDC: teemo, why did you q up man WTDC: just wondering WTDC: this vi is just living down here WTDC: we lost WTDC: thanks teemo WTDC: the funny part is that you tried too lol WTDC: stay stuck bued WTDC: damn dog lol WTDC: report this teemo pls, said he was gonna throw b4 the game even started WTDC: then trolled us the whole game WTDC: no its not that WTDC: hes toxic and a troll hard af WTDC: he wont leave top lane either i mean cmon, you have to see this WTDC: taunts us when he dies ect WTDC: like hes not even throwing his ult WTDC: not one ult on whole map WTDC: right now WTDC: whatever, fk this teemo WTDC: reporting you guys too for supporting a troll WTDC: idgaf now WTDC: so fucking stupid WTDC: yeah, hes mocking you in our chat so whatever WTDC: hes sitting in base WTDC: for a min now WTDC: im done gg, if any of you even knew WTDC: enjoy your ban teemo Post-Game WTDC: enjoy ban teemo WTDC: im reporting you to riot support WTDC: enjoy it WTDC: flamed whole game WTDC: dog WTDC: you said you would throw WTDC: if jg didnt camp WTDC: then spam pinged mid and bot WTDC: all game WTDC: i have the logs dude WTDC: called us whores WTDC: remember that WTDC: who cares WTDC: wow WTDC: k bud whatever WTDC: whatever dude WTDC: get reported
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