Banning your own teammates not punishable

I bought Zoe the moment she came out, first thing in the morning. It's midnight now and i still haven't played her. The only thing worse than fighting all day for the right to play something once is the way people act towards each other during this time. EVERY SINGLE TIME i lock Zoe and I'm close to the top my own team bans her. I leave game because I don't want to spend 20 minutes to an hour with "that guy" treating me the way we all know he will. I have no problem playing other champions, I do have a problem going into a game with teammates who are already treating each other like this before we even spawn. It's not a question of fighting for the same role at this point. If we allow this sort of thing on a constant biases; and fold in to the childish people doing it, and punish the people unwilling to, is this an environment people will want to be in? Frankly it's disgusting, and the fact that people don't see it as a serious problem is disappointing. It ruins any excitement I had for the new developments in this game, and it's so unpunished that it's consistent and reliable. Currently waiting out another time out i guess.
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