Ranked Placements

So season 6 has begun and after completing my ten placement games I cannot help but wonder if there has ever been any talk before as to updating or changing this system. I absolutely despise going into game to have people afk or intentionally feed the opposing team. Of my first five games, I won four of them and the one loss was to a duo bot lane in my game that decided to afk about 7 minutes in. The next five I lost four of them to people actually claiming in my chat that they were feeding. Of those four losses, one of them was just an outright loss that was completely due to gameplay. Also, I do remember my last season being the same as this one but much worse with afking and intentional feeding. Without stating any more of my own opinion or getting into more detail that will in return get negative comments towards me, does anyone else find themselves in a similar situation or just flat out despise this method as well?
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