Toxic behavior is not bad

This new fines by riot are ridiculous. Toxicity makes regions better and china/korea dont ban for toxicity. As soon as riot NA(the positivity care bear club penguin police) get there they start fining really good players for toxicity. Toxicity does not hinder a region, it improves it. The best regions in league are known for being toxic. LS said in rift rivals that tyler1 would've never been banned on Korea. People like UZI flame or int when the game is over. He is arguably the best player in the world rn. If he thinks the game is over, its over. Ik the djinn, umbral reagant, and periscope from this forum are gonna try to argue that rank does not matter but it does. So if you are silver or gold you have no right to say UZI deserves to get fined because your rank is so bad you do not understand the game. NA constantly wastes talent because we think toxicity is bad. Look at tarzaned2( better jungler than xmithie or grig) and gets denied into LCS because he is TOXIC. NA as a region is doomed if we keep going this way because all we care about is being positive and not about winning. Toxic players want to win and is shown by the best players in the world.
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