Honor level 2 deadline extension for season rewards eligibility ?

This is my first season playing league and i already got gold after alot of grinding just to get my rewards taken away for flaming trolls once... I know i shouldnt have flamed but it's so unfair to have everything taken away from u and no way to get it back because the chat restriction was unfortunately close to the end of the season ... I also red there was a period after the season last year to still lvl your honor after the season ended because People we're not properly informed about the honor requirement... I didnt known either until recently because it's my first season of playing the game and the requirement hasn't been told to me inside of the game itself. Riot intends chat restriction as a warning to Tell you that behaving like that is not acceptable but its not really intended as a punishment and it is not a problem at all if you get it for example in the Middle of the season because you have enough time to get back to lvl 2 but when you get it at the end of the season its such a harsh punishemt. It seems unfair that People who made the same mistake last year we're able to do something about it but this year we just lose everything we grinded so hard for and it legit depresses me that i Cant do anything to get my rewards i played so much for. I really want the aatrox skin :(. Thx for reading (sorry for my terrible English)
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