Riot should allow mild toxicity in ranked games

I know many people are gonna get their pitch forks out and down vote hell out of me. But ranked games are emotional for me and many other players. We live and breathe league. Ranked should not be considered for the casuals and thus Riot should be more lenient on what types of toxicity is allowed. Calling someone shit or retarded for making a terrible decision in a ranked game should be allowed. And flaming them for a loss should be completely under the guidelines. I'm a plat 1 player (could easily get diamond) and see nothing wrong with a teammate who wants to flame me. If it's justified I will say "my bad" or if they go too over the top then I'll mute the person. The thing is people at higher ranks generally win more than they lose, so its impossible for them to flame everygame and maintain their rank, so I just don't see the point of banning or chat restricting people over this. NOrmal games are a whole other animal because I believe these games should be casual and treated as such. If riot wants to ban and restrict people over flaming in normals, then I completely understand this. Also hate speech such as homophobia, and racism I agree should not be allowed period. Or sending threats to people. But just calling your teammates shit and retards absolutely not.

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