Thank you for the memories Riot Games Im sorry i couldnt improve and be less toxic. (Please Read)

I just lost thousands of dollars and 10+ years of fun times and great experiences, memories etc. all because i couldnt shut my mouth. Game one: In-Game Nice Try: gj Nice Try: go to lane Nice Try: kids Nice Try: how to throw a game in 3 mins Nice Try: : Nice Try: gj Nice Try: yea no wards Nice Try: i love when people int my games Nice Try: im not ganking that fed lane Nice Try: nice try tho Nice Try: trist has 12 cs Nice Try: whats that have to do Nice Try: your bot lane is in my jungle Nice Try: no missing ping Nice Try: get reporting Nice Try: easy inting reports :P Nice Try: gank the fed bot lane? they one shot me in my jungle Nice Try: bot died 4x in 3 mins dude Nice Try: why would i gank no skill players and put myself behind Nice Try: not trying to be rude Nice Try: you ruined my interest in this match dying 8 times in 10 mins Nice Try: :/ Nice Try: yea its funny when people throw games in 3 mins Nice Try: bot fed mu udyr riven Nice Try: why would i gank a losing lane Nice Try: check my match history, you threw it Nice Try: its not my fault no matter how you twist it Nice Try: they all blaming me lol Nice Try: for the deaths at blue buff etc Nice Try: bot keeps saying i should gank the 42-0 nautilus and jhin Nice Try: stop talking veig Nice Try: if oure gonna support pick a real support and finish support item Nice Try: not ganking a trash veig sorry Nice Try: trist is way better than you Nice Try: they didnt vote yes Nice Try: weird match Nice Try: this veig is right weird Nice Try: is that not easy reports.. idk Nice Try: look at these people Nice Try: i told bot lane to back off the blue buff, remember how that turned out ? Nice Try: i tried to give advice Nice Try: aight Nice Try: ggwp Nice Try: im not mad junior Nice Try: yea youre small Nice Try: yea i finished high school easy Nice Try: how bout you bud Nice Try: silver is funny i hope im here all year Nice Try: ggwp In this instance i got called homophobic slurs, was told i should be beaten and gangr*ped, im trash it was all my fault etc etc, i couldve just muted all and got out possibly without a report, i have struggled in the past with being toxic and not long ago got the 2 week suspension they give you when you keep being a loser, i spent those 2 weeks bored out of my mind levelling a lowbie account practicing muting all and just doing my best to just focus on the gameplay, eventually i got my account back and i told myself i had really changed my attitude, i started winning more games, getting honored alot people loved having me on their team for the most part i felt like. I really really thought i had changed and id not have to get a chat restrict or anything ever again because i thought i was doing good. I had climbed a couple brackets in silver and was really close to unlocking a prestige skin via the msi event. Now i am in tears over losing my very first league account i had created when i was still in high school, the money i spent that i could never afford because ive never been well off, but this was always my one hobby and i didnt mind spending the cash on it. because this is what i love. Now everything is gone and I cant afford to start again. it breaks my heart to be forced out of the one thing in life thats been a constant for me, i dont blame the people in my games, i am in control of my actions and retaliations, me alone. im heartbroken, destroyed. and im sorry i failed the league community. Last time i posted on the forums i was trying to blame people and riot, now i just have to say goodbye to the thing i love because clearly im not meant to enjoy this game. it says right on the suspension 0.006% of players get a permanent suspension, but i reflect upon the times ive had and the connections ive made with people and i just dont see myself fitting into that category, i feel like all my life ive been targetted like this, someone does something, i react, and i get punished. I grew up bullied and as nice as i am i wont have people on video games telling me i should be sexually assaulted and that im a homosexual and everything else. people react. thats just how it is. Thank you League of Legends and riot games for filling the empty void in my life for 10+ years, once again im sorry for disappointing the system. I love all of you. i hope i make it through this. cheers (also here is the other game i got reported and i didnt even realize both are equally whatever but the first one i really felt targetted and hated upon as a human being) Game 2 In-Game Nice Try: sec Nice Try: why pick bard vs thresh Nice Try: oh i inted Nice Try: teemo speed inting now Nice Try: starts lane with 2 kills Nice Try: dies 3 times Nice Try: games over Nice Try: nice work Nice Try: :) Nice Try: cant win 2 in a row riot plants feeders if you get a win in silver Nice Try: reporting teemo Nice Try: this teemo started fighting raptors with 50 hp Nice Try: im done Nice Try: make sure everyone reports teemo Nice Try: end Nice Try: im not Nice Try: waiting for you to end the game teemo threw Nice Try: gg Nice Try: end please Nice Try: teemo trolling Nice Try: bramble vest op Nice Try: doinks Nice Try: fr that was easy ace Nice Try: the egg Nice Try: dudes Nice Try: report teemo after Nice Try: useless pick and useless player Nice Try: yea frontline teemo is strong Nice Try: teemo needed the 6 minions top lane Nice Try: enjoy the report teemo Nice Try: lol jeez If anyone decides to read this and is in a similar circumstance where league is a crutch to get through the day, dont f*ck your chances up, youll feel empty, tough words arent worth losing years and years of memories time and money over. once again i love you all. i wont be responding to any comments. i see the error in my ways and im not looking for pity, i just dont want anyone to ever feel like i do if it can be prevented, dont give these energy draining demoralizing human beings the light of day if you encounter them in your games, it will only end in tragedy. enjoy the game for me summoners. im sorry i couldnt do better for all of us
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