Is smurfing allowed and is it healthy ?

Just played a ranked game where there was clearly someone who was mechanically way better than everyone else on our team . Later admitted to smurfing. These people completely ruin the ranked experience , here I am actually trying to climb by playing people who are supposed to be around as good as I am, but instead I'm matched with someone whose skill is actually that of a diamond player. What is riot's view on smurfing exactly ? I've seen it mentioned once or twice but it doesn't seem to be taken seriously. I feel like this ruins a lot of games. Keep smurfing out of ranked. And then as a side note, I've also played with people who intentionally TANKED their MMRs on their smurf accounts after they got too high so that they could play with worse people just so they can dominate in ranked games. THIS IS UNHEALTHY ALL THE WAY AROUND. Sorry it probably sounds like I'm angry/tilted, but because I am a little.
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