PLEASE READ - I got hacked, email and password changed, Riot wont recover account

On Monday August 29th, 2016 ~3PM-4:40PM I am playing some normal games with my friend and after those games I go outside. When I come back home it is around ~6:20PM. I open up my League of Legends client and I enter my password in; "Login Error Invalid username/password combination. Please try again." I assume I just typed in my password wrong, so I type it in again and slower this time..."Login Error Invalid username/password combination. Please try again." Now I am starting to get worried because this means someone has gotten into my account. I immediately check my email to see if anyone has gotten into it; fortunately they didn't, I even checked my IP logs on my mail and they were all mine. Now I am sure that someone has recovered my account because it may have been brute-forced. I send Riot all my account recovery details (username, summoner name, first five champions, what I used refund tokens on, etc.) After 2 days of constantly checking and asking my friends if to tell me if they see my account online I finally get a reply from Riot Games Support. [] They tell me that my info doesn't match the account in question!? Only I know where the account is signed in from on a daily basis, only I know my first purchases (I even have all my RP transaction IDs), I even know everything I used my 3 refund tokens on. Riot just took away my main account that means a lot to me, and they let the hacker recover it and wont let me recover it? Edit 1 Sept 1, 2016 7:25 ET Player Support replies with this: "That said, the information you have provided demonstrates that you had access to the account but, it doesn't verify you as the account creator. Please keep in mind that we only recover accounts to their creators" what do you mean? The creator only spends money on the game, why would the hacker spend any money on the game if the creator can recover it back? I don't understand Player Support and this is starting to get frustrating for me. Edit 2 Sept 3, 2016 The person who hacked my account hasn't played a single game on the account and it has been inactive for 4 days. He/she could be trying to sell my account on eBay or something... TL;DR My account gets hacked and recovered by some hacker, I try to recover it because I am real owner and Riot says my information does not match
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