Let me show you how Riot does not ban people who deserve bans

http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=webbiennyfelda Look at this fuckign account. Look at it. I own this account. It has received no punishment aside from a punishment for saying mean things in the chat. What kind of things do I do on this account? Alistar jg, no farming jg. only ganks and ganks to the death only. Ganks go through towers every time. We die trying. We proxy farm top and bot lane when we can. No punishment for this btw. Sorry bronze players. You have to live with me soft trolling this account. It is not inting. Sorry you have to live with it cuz its fun for somebody. Shaco jg. Unfortunately getting 30 kills results in 4 of your teammates being able to 4v5 the enemy. Penta steal results in selling items and feeding. I do not hit towers or do anything to help end the game. I get kills and one shot everything for fun. Then I try to let my team lose. No punishment for this griefing btw.
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