To All the negative votes in this board.

You are probably and most likely they same overly sensitive snowflakes that are gleefully rubbing their *(ahem)* 'hands' together at the misery of others. The same others that you reported enough out of 'offense' while getting off on them being punished. I'm tired of seeing all the negative votes. ANYONE for the most part that posts on THIS BOARD, CAME HERE BECAUSE THEY CARED at least question their punishment, which to me screams willingness to change. ALL I SEE outside of some legitimate comments are down-votes. Do you people actually want to encourage and help your community, or just dominate it from your perspective and shut out any dissent? MODS how about a lot more puSh for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM? Because frankly, after reading the first page of threads in this topic, all I see is a lot of hate from the community, and really zero effort on assist/reform and actual discussion. CLOSE THIS HEADER, or do a better job Mods. This forum is nothing more than a punching bag for people already DOWN. It's sick, and pointless.
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