Thank you, @RiotGunny

I was permabanned about 5 days ago. I was really tilted, and said some things that I regret now. As a last ditch effort, I put in a support ticket explaining my situation. I didn't expect to get a response, or if I did, it was going to be the typical response where it said "Sorry, permabans are called "perma" for a reason." So, I forgot about the ticket, until 2 days ago, when I decided to check on it again. I had gotten a response that said > Hey there, my name is Gunny! > > Now, there is a chance for appeal here, but ultimately, what we need to see from you is that you own up to this behavior, you understand what was considered negative here and that you have the dedication to change for the better and not end up right back here in the future. > > When you look at the chat log for this ban, do you see what you said that was negative? > > This is not a trick question, I'm just seeking some perspective from you, so please be honest with your answer. I didn't expect that there was even any chance of getting my account back until I saw this response. I didn't expect that somebody would ask my side of it. So I responded, and then (pretty quickly, too), Gunny responded with > I appreciate you looking back on your mistakes, I know that's not fun to do, and I also appreciate your answer. > > Moving forward with this appeal, if you were in the same situation in the future, how would you handle things differently to avoid a penalty? I responded to that, too, feeling optimistic that my account might actually get unbanned. I responded to that, and then Gunny said > Thanks for your reply, and I think those are good decisions for the future :) > > I can tell that you've really felt the impact of this penalty and I believe in you to make the changes needed to really improve your behavior on the Rift. > > I can reduce this to a two week suspension, but only on the agreement that you understand that the next penalty on this account, regardless of how severe the offense is or when it is given, will be escalated back to a permanent ban that we will never lift. > > Do you agree? I was stunned that somebody had even considered lifting the ban. I promptly agreed. Thank you, Riot Gunny. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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