sO LONG STORY SHORT we lock in our champs and no one on the team has a single CC ability so i suggested someone to dodge as we were facing a team with very heavy cc and it seemed like it was going to be a insta-lose which it was. thanks to the fact my (AUTOFILLED) Support had no idea how to play soraka or how to know she shouldnt be in range of a pyke at level 2. she died many times about 4 times in lane and in turns puts me behind as ezreal because the pyke and ashe is fed and im sitting with a tear.... not to mention the jungler was always feeding pretty hard,. the raka then starts to flame me saying im the bad player in which i defended myself and began to respond back everytime the player would rage type to me. im assuming her and the jungler were duo because they both decided to gank up on me while my top laner was trying to stick up for me saying its not my fault that my support is feeding and now im doing bad because of it. so riot if u want ADC players to stop being so toxic perhaps removing auto fill might be a good idea as all it does is make our time playing adc miserable as hell. Who the hell wants to be paired up with someone who never plays support?????? Game 1 Pre-Game STAR ŁORD: lol yikes STAR ŁORD: feels like someone should dodge STAR ŁORD: we have no cc STAR ŁORD: lmfao STAR ŁORD: what cc???? STAR ŁORD: one ability STAR ŁORD: thats a flip STAR ŁORD: idc i can try a new build out STAR ŁORD: doubtful we wi In-Game STAR ŁORD: gj STAR ŁORD: i coulf of kileld her if i e instead of auto STAR ŁORD: me STAR ŁORD: had but i wont tell you where i put it STAR ŁORD: misplayuign so much STAR ŁORD: its pissing me off lol STAR ŁORD: they both should of died STAR ŁORD: can us top trolling STAR ŁORD: cant farm STAR ŁORD: cua ur always dead moron STAR ŁORD: u fucknig suck STAR ŁORD: holy shity STAR ŁORD: stop cming bot STAR ŁORD: go somewhere else and feed im dead serious STAR ŁORD: lol i bet u can hook her thru the wave STAR ŁORD: raka already running it down gp STAR ŁORD: u gotta find another way to int STAR ŁORD: shes actually a idiot STAR ŁORD: can u say brain dead raka STAR ŁORD: ic an play my champ fine STAR ŁORD: tje issue is i cant farm when ur always dead STAR ŁORD: dumb ass STAR ŁORD: and ur a bad player STAR ŁORD: who should afk STAR ŁORD: cuz this aint the game for u STAR ŁORD: and ur bad at it STAR ŁORD: how u bad a soraka STAR ŁORD: is beyond me STAR ŁORD: no u just cant stop duing STAR ŁORD: dying in lane STAR ŁORD: getting thjem fed STAR ŁORD: oh look raka is dead......again STAR ŁORD: who woudnt she makes it a 4v6 STAR ŁORD: hey at least i dont walk towardsa pyke in a straight line or not even move at all xD STAR ŁORD: told ya to dodge STAR ŁORD: legit sensed this happening STAR ŁORD: no but im not iron 5 STAR ŁORD: like u are STAR ŁORD: what can u do good ? STAR ŁORD: idk ask raka STAR ŁORD: lmfao wow i was legit beind that minion STAR ŁORD: 300 games of feeding Post-Game STAR ŁORD: i never saw a bad raka player STAR ŁORD: until now STAR ŁORD: didnt know it was possible tbh STAR ŁORD: all u gotta do is press heal STAR ŁORD: and what exctly did u do all game STAR ŁORD: other then get ur ass kicked lmfao STAR ŁORD: who the fuck ebven plays fizz anymore STAR ŁORD: ur daughter sucks and so do u
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