Whats up league community. Just curious do you guys think this deserves a perma ban? I just got perma banned for this. We won the game so I didn't report the trolls, but I guess the dude reported me anythings. Boy if only riot saw how he was raging at me lol... Let me know what you guys think! Personally I think the riot community is getting super soft. The only time I cussed was when I said how the "f***" did this happen, as in how the hell did we win... Game 1 In-Game JusaKidFromHtown: keep drag JusaKidFromHtown: warded JusaKidFromHtown: if you can JusaKidFromHtown: why are you trying to auto the fcking leona? JusaKidFromHtown: lol JusaKidFromHtown: walking up JusaKidFromHtown: its like havnt u learned ur lesson JusaKidFromHtown: lmnfao JusaKidFromHtown: report these idiots JusaKidFromHtown: no one can gank you idiot JusaKidFromHtown: ur always JusaKidFromHtown: grey screen JusaKidFromHtown: the combination of both of you JusaKidFromHtown: 0-6 JusaKidFromHtown: nice! JusaKidFromHtown: nt JusaKidFromHtown: lmao JusaKidFromHtown: watching ur adc JusaKidFromHtown: is like watching JusaKidFromHtown: my 3 yr old play league JusaKidFromHtown: pick a different role JusaKidFromHtown: if you wanna be in melee range JusaKidFromHtown: 0-9 JusaKidFromHtown: lmfao JusaKidFromHtown: ^^ JusaKidFromHtown: nothing is as stupid as our botlane JusaKidFromHtown: always grey screen JusaKidFromHtown: you died JusaKidFromHtown: 1 time JusaKidFromHtown: very 3 mins JusaKidFromHtown: if the four of us JusaKidFromHtown: just mute him JusaKidFromHtown: and then JusaKidFromHtown: report JusaKidFromHtown: he'll prbs get banned JusaKidFromHtown: i wasnt being toxic JusaKidFromHtown: i was giving you advice JusaKidFromHtown: na i was saying why the hell are you autoing leona JusaKidFromHtown: when ur 0-4 JusaKidFromHtown: lmao JusaKidFromHtown: not like u do dmg JusaKidFromHtown: ur just giving her a way to kill you JusaKidFromHtown: made no sense JusaKidFromHtown: think we can JusaKidFromHtown: only cuz their inting JusaKidFromHtown: still play smart JusaKidFromHtown: bro JusaKidFromHtown: really JusaKidFromHtown: youve done it b4 JusaKidFromHtown: up there JusaKidFromHtown: all bot JusaKidFromHtown: smart? JusaKidFromHtown: gg wp JusaKidFromHtown: how the fck JusaKidFromHtown: did this happen

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