The story of a lonely gamer banned from the only game he plays.

Hello everyone! I have recently been permanently banned from League of Legends and I would like to share my story of an unconventional support player. I've played parts to full seasons for about maybe five years now and I main support Lux. Right off the bat people become toxic with me if I miss a single Q, give first blood or have an all around bad game from time to time. Seeing Lux as your support may make some "Good" players cringe laying in wait to say I told you so while recounting all the reasons Lux is not a good support, Zyra is better they say or maybe morg but I love Lux and I love playing support. With all this in mind, imagine the anticipation of a game finally loading, you use your movement speed increase to fly across the map to your favorite bush. Oh no, enemies are coming first one, now two and three coming from all sides. I quickly side step one skill only to be hit by Mundos axe, movement speed goes down, my flash is up but I should have used it already to dodge the slow of his axe. I flash anyways and as I side step another axe, I'm caught out between red buff and our mid tower well within friendly jungles. Fizz stands by his turret watching me dodge, dip, duck and dodge again while Amumu and Cait watch from the Red buff's bushes. I feel embarrassed, I let the team down by giving first blood as my screen grays and I watch the insults come my way from Fizz, still by the tower that he guarded while I was waging war, I get angry. I become sarcastic and defensive. Fizz keeps laying into me as I follow Amumu around, they ask me to go to lane but I need some time to cool off. Teemo wasn't involved so I go top and visit him, within 5 seconds I get told to blank off by Teemo and Fizz is asking the other team to report me 2 minutes in meanwhile he is the only verbally toxic one in the game. So I go to my friend Fizz down mid and let me tell you, after assisting on a kill for him, he is still pinging and upset I'm mid. I've cooled down so I go to my position in bot lane, Cait hasn't missed me too much but blames me for her low farm. I've tried to look and from what I can tell, as long as you do your best to help the team win then you can play how you like to play so a support going top, then mid and then finally bot should not be punishable. Here is my side of the chat logs keeping in mind that everything in here is me responding to someone being toxic towards me. When they ask me to go to lane immediately, they were not nice about it either. Even sarcastically saying Fizz should be reported for talking trash and playing poorly was reaction to him continuously blaming me for us losing. I ended up being second in damage only to Teemo, my crowd control was the top in the game and my vision was the weakest this game, 3rd best and I clicked no to surrender that was constantly voted for by Fizz showing that I clearly tried to win. Here is the chat log from that game given to me as a reason for my departure from League. Pre Game Lobby: Trolls4Roles: is the vayne good or something? Trolls4Roles: maxpoop is top dude Trolls4Roles: oh Trolls4Roles: i just destroyed a vayne bot Trolls4Roles: but we will se In Game: Trolls4Roles: NYTHING Trolls4Roles: ANYBODY GOING TO COME Trolls4Roles: DO ANYTHING [All]Trolls4Roles: funny thing about it is there was 3 people standing there doing nothing lol Trolls4Roles: bro you think im going to lane lol Trolls4Roles: yeah right Trolls4Roles: whatever i want buddy Trolls4Roles: what wer eyou doing Trolls4Roles: while i was being chased in our jungle Trolls4Roles: is there any rules that says you have to play a certain way tho Trolls4Roles: is there a rule? Trolls4Roles: sure i am im supporting [All]Trolls4Roles: report for what [All]Trolls4Roles: thats not an option on reporting screen [All]Trolls4Roles: its also preseason maybe im trying something different [All]Trolls4Roles: i have one death [All]Trolls4Roles: and there were 3 people there afk not helping which is actually a report option [All]Trolls4Roles: fizz complain about poppy 6-0 and he has 3 of the deaths from it hmmm makes sense [All]Trolls4Roles: should we report for feeding? is that how it works? [All]Trolls4Roles: come on enemy team rally with me against fizz! [All]Trolls4Roles: fizz youre doing well tho the trash talk to your team helps a lot [All]Trolls4Roles: dying a bunch and complaining really helps th eteam [All]Trolls4Roles: keep up the good work [All]Trolls4Roles: i dont think its reportable to extend the amount of time i leash for mumu [All]Trolls4Roles: then i went mid and got you a kill [All]Trolls4Roles: but if you want to report me for it.....good luck trying to figure out what to report it as [All]Trolls4Roles: you know great players can win 1v5.. [All]Trolls4Roles: good players can easily win 4v5 [All]Trolls4Roles: think about that one [All]Trolls4Roles: mumu watching again Game 2948487328: Lux support, nothing new. Game loads and I'm ready to give it my all, I want to impress some ADCs so I can make some duo buddies on my search for Gold. Not a good start in lane, we were jumped early and they are targeting me. I flash out and as I make it to the tower so I can lure them into my Q, right before my Q CD is finished the enemies pop heal and burst me down for FB, I needed one split second and the enemy would be under tower with a full health ADC to rain down AA while my ignite burns them to a crisp. No, I've died giving first blood again. As I search for what we should have done better, I notice Xayah still has her heal. I rudely mention the fact that just because you don't need the sum doesn't mean you shouldn't use heal on your fire team partner, support to your bot. We don't like each other now and it shows in our play. Xayahs cs is really down even after managing to chase their bot lane away twice, she doesn't catch up. Xayah leaves lane and I start last hitting minions, she's furiously pinging on my screen to back off, in a nut shell I let her know that she isn't farming them well so I may as well take what I personally think you'll miss and have been missing. I want her to get her farm up and let go of the fact that I messed up early in the game but she is refusing to be useful if it means she can watch me die and blame me for our upcoming loss. Ekko from mid lane is now on me as I slowly realize that Xayah is playing worse than me and I'm having a terrible game. I decide that she isn't putting out a lot of damage and it may or may not be my fault but she drags me down. I keep this toxic thought to myself and announce I'm leaving lane, implying my frustration with her low CS as my reason. I go mid, Ekko is pinging and standing close to the tower, I'm not sure that he will lift a finger for me even if I get a good engage. I secure a kill even with Ekko seemingly not willing to help, only jumping in if it looks like he can steal a kill but certainly not to peel for me. His insults and pings are enough for me to look elsewhere. The game goes on and it's a blowout, I start picking it up a bit and it seemed like at times we played as a team but every time people had gray screens, you can bet we were talking and Ekko was as toxic as they come. He would comment on my score which was 2-4-4 I believe close to the end and he was something like 0-5-4 so I pointed it out that he is doing worse than me, flaming on me and has fed the very person (Poppy) that destroying us and is 6-0. I tried to let him know that flaming on someone and feeding is more reportable than roaming as a support. I feel that making fun of Xayah was me being more aggressive than her and the most toxic thing I did in this game even though she was pinging a lot and blaming me for her low CS while I watched her in lane miss the last shot over and over. Here is my side of the chat log for this game. I said this game is stupid basically because I messed up and died, it wasn't directed at anyone, I got chunked so hard and felt I dodged one skill shot that got me, pykes dagger right before I died so I said it. Pre Game Lobby: Trolls4Roles: i havent seen darius banned since 93 Trolls4Roles: no way its that good Trolls4Roles: how many games In Game: Trolls4Roles: dont risk it Trolls4Roles: ty Trolls4Roles: wow this game is so stupid Trolls4Roles: how is your farm so behind brother Trolls4Roles: get that up man Trolls4Roles: so has kai Trolls4Roles: from my accounts more than you Trolls4Roles: xayah Trolls4Roles: youre going solo Trolls4Roles: if we die Trolls4Roles: and you have heal Trolls4Roles: again Trolls4Roles: u2 Trolls4Roles: heal next time learn to not be selfish bro [All]Trolls4Roles: whats funny is he wasnt coming i had to ping [All]Trolls4Roles: he was sitting in a bush Trolls4Roles: sigh xayah been at same cs for 5 mins now lol Trolls4Roles: this xayah is something else Trolls4Roles: im leaving lane Trolls4Roles: nah ill go where i want bro Trolls4Roles: you can leave mid and go bot if you dont like where i lay Trolls4Roles: its a video game im able to play how i like man Trolls4Roles: its the beauty of video games Trolls4Roles: youre 0-3 Trolls4Roles: and stuburn not helping me Trolls4Roles: ekko you gotta hit that skill Trolls4Roles: right off th ebat dude Trolls4Roles: youre so slow on your skills Trolls4Roles: not sure if youre new ekko its ok if you are Trolls4Roles: ur 0-5-4 lol [All]Trolls4Roles: try again? Trolls4Roles: take something 4 top Trolls4Roles: bad adc/mid Trolls4Roles: nothing we can do
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