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So I had just been temporarily chat banned because I was tilted, but not entirely my fault. This made me question Riots ban system. They only look at your chat which is unfair to you as I didn't get the chance to report them as my computer was lagging and I had to restart League to get it to work again. Basically, my teammates were trolling me and insulting me in the chat which caused me to tilt. I feel as instead of only going over what you say in the chat when someone reports you they should go through the entire game chat. This would get rid of a large percent of false reporting, bans which were antagonized, and get rid of a lot of general toxicity. I know that in many games I have been in there will be a group of friends on skype or discord etc which will all report one person if only one of them doesn't like them. It is completely unfair to the user when they only review your chat. They were saying things such as you suck kid, to you're so bad I wish you were dead. The so bad wish you were dead was the game before when I just started tilting. If they reviewed all chat people who antagonize know they can't report and would cut down on false reporting is what I guess I'm saying. What do you think?? Let me know if you think they should add this
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