Where in this justify's me being perma banned? what did i do that was so bad i got perma banned?

blitz bot says got 9 reports in the last 20 games (5%) of people ive played with reported me. if 5% of people get to decided my fate. then i would like 6% to undo that fate. so i can get harassed, and yet i get perma banned. this is bronze elo chat. please give me a quote where i am deserving of a perma ban. all i get in game is rude comments and harassment. and yet this is cause for a perma ban. Chat 1: larlzo: i have bad luck larlzo: leashing larlzo: speically against quinn larlzo: i didnt wanna leash larlzo: really larlzo: nyerp larlzo: now im dead larlzo: why didnt larlzo: u lvl 2 gank larlzo: vi larlzo: when i solo leash you larlzo: im gonne get behind in lane larlzo: speciflyu larlzo: lvl 2 larlzo: u have to help me catch up larlzo: or i lose lane larlzo: just cus i leashed u larlzo: this is larlzo: why larlzo: i dont like leashing larlzo: HJGUiosdhguosdfgjhfsdoilghjfdgklijpfdhgfd larlzo: COMON larlzo: ITS NOT LIKE I WASNT SAYING SHIT larlzo: DONT EVER ASK TOP FOR A LEASH AGAIN larlzo: IF YOU ARNT GONNA RETURN THE FAVOR larlzo: its quinn larlzo: she can move across map larlzo: in 14 secs larlzo: i did larlzo: look larlzo: i pinged larlzo: im never larlzo: leashing for jungle to larlzo: agin larlzo: AND I FUCKING PINGED larlzo: YOU STUPID FUCK larlzo: uhh larlzo: yes it does larlzo: it puts me behind in XP larlzo: uhh larlzo: when solo leashing larlzo: its hard larlzo: wow larlzo: this fiddle larlzo: YOU JUST STOOD THERE larlzo: AND DIED larlzo: DIDNT EVEN TRY TO GET AWAY larlzo: TYPEING IS CAPS larlzo: IS NOT AGAISNT THE TOS larlzo: SO HOW ABOUT THEM PINGS SORAKA? larlzo: sure u did larlzo: why didnt ig et any help help larlzo: to larlzo: top vi larlzo: i leashed u larlzo: i helped you larlzo: why didnt u help me larlzo: WHY!?!??!?!?!?!??! larlzo: I ASKED A GOD DAMN QUESTION [All]larlzo: I WANT A ANSWER [All]larlzo: im never leashing top again... jungle never helps me [All]larlzo: report soraka and fiddle please, they are being very rude to me [All]larlzo: fiddle called ashe "uselss" please report him toxic [All]larlzo: im under turret the entire game larlzo: what u want me to ward? [All]larlzo: haveing 0 points is sooo toxic... as you see they are abusive please report them larlzo: bruhh larlzo: blame vi larlzo: hes the one that asked for helpo larlzo: then doesnt retuen the favor larlzo: i had a terrrible mtachip larlzo: ganr vs quinn larlzo: and i didnt get a single gank larlzo: i was farming under turret the enitre laneing phase larlzo: but yet larlzo: how am i being a dick? larlzo: im just saying larlzo: that i helped you larlzo: but i didnt get help backl [All]larlzo: report soraka and fiddle please [All]larlzo: they are abusive [All]larlzo: they tell me im bad... but i do things for them and they dont do anything in return [All]larlzo: so ofc i fall behind [All]larlzo: and lose [All]larlzo: MUTE ME THEN [All]larlzo: i dont have the gold [All]larlzo: if i didnt heave to leash top [All]larlzo: i would had a better laneing phase [All]larlzo: but no, i leashed and didnt get 1 gank larlzo: "play safe" i played safe for the first 10 mins and got nothing out of it larlzo: i dont wanna win larlzo: not with this team larlzo: its gonna stay 0 larlzo: uhh no larlzo: this is why u are getting reported larlzo: yeah larlzo: you know what sucks? a bad matchup that i start behind in cus i had to leash for vi larlzo: then not getting any helpo larlzo: all of laneing phase larlzo: we wasted this game Chat 2: larlzo: hey larlzo: how come im nettign getting any help larlzo: denying nasus stacks larlzo: not getting larlzo: ive seen eve 3 times now larlzo: just so uou know larlzo: nasus is a sclaeing champuion larlzo: you help me shut him out early larlzo: we win larlzo: you dont larlzo: we lose larlzo: so larlzo: how about that help? larlzo: you have to do more than that larlzo: you have to help me deny him stacks larlzo: ece larlzo: eve larlzo: on blue larlzo: nbm larlzo: guess im gonna build tank gnar larlzo: or u want split push? larlzo: cmon larlzo: he has 300 stacks larlzo: i need help here larlzo: skarner larlzo: if u camp the scaleing champion larlzo: it maeks it a 4v5 larlzo: from the begging larlzo: that is why nasus larlzo: isnt played in high elo larlzo: veigar larlzo: wtf larlzo: why is my hole team dead larlzo: oh im sorry larlzo: tradeing a turret larlzo: isnt good larlzo: but not my fault larlzo: brand and tris fed larlzo: skarner larlzo: look ur ur cs larlzo: vs eves larlzo: why larlzo: arnt u under turret larlzo: keep feeding veigar larlzo: kills larlzo: we will win larlzo: ughh larlzo: why is eve and cair so fed larlzo: letgit both hit me with 1 auto and 1 abilty larlzo: and i died larlzo: we aint winning this tbh larlzo: i didnt get enough help to stop nassus larlzo: now he just free stacking larlzo: brand larlzo: u were just backing larlzo: and u stop larlzo: to get the CS i was walking too larlzo: dont even wanna help this team win larlzo: no larlzo: brands got it larlzo: STOP CHSEING larlzo: PLEASE larlzo: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD larlzo: i bet haveing 60% dmg reduc larlzo: will do nothing agaisnt this fed cat [All]larlzo: for 2 bounties? [All]larlzo: sure larlzo: all we are doing is defending larlzo: we need to push lanes out larlzo: why kill nasus first? larlzo: skarner larlzo: has been under 100 cs larlzo: for 20 mins now larlzo: brand is about to pass him larlzo: in CS larlzo: my team larlzo: doesnt know how to help larlzo: when i run from behind larlzo: woulda been a great timne to pick them off larlzo: 1 by 1 larlzo: as they we all chaseing me larlzo: but no larlzo: yall are too simple minded larlzo: ok dunce larlzo: legit 2 top larlzo: you cant win the 4v3? larlzo: for real? larlzo: u couldnt win the 4v3? larlzo: gg larlzo: god larlzo: my team sucked Chat 3: larlzo: i went APC larlzo: cus u are a AD mid larlzo: didnt want a full AD team larlzo: idc larlzo: if they do? larlzo: then we fucked larlzo: huh larlzo: swaine is a rank 1 APC larlzo: the fuck are you talking about? larlzo: naut larlzo: stiop going in larlzo: wtf larlzo: nautlis larlzo: doesnt have a supp item larlzo: takes my CS larlzo: wtf his this larlzo: this is why yall are bronze larlzo: this is a smurf larlzo: that i use to take stress out larlzo: lol people are such cry babies larlzo: he trolled when he didnt buy a supp item larlzo: yall can eat dicks [All]larlzo: please report nautilis... hes legit trolling didnt buy a supp item, and hes takeing my CS [All]larlzo: and he just inted larlzo: i really dont larlzo: just you guys are assholes [All]larlzo: they think i troll picked swain bot, so they decided to be assholes to me. larlzo: IM 1v2ing larlzo: wtf larlzo: i got a solo double kill larlzo: wtf you mean? larlzo: u do it larlzo: when u are behind in lane larlzo: yall are just some bronze baddies larlzo: so w/e [All]larlzo: a kill is a kill, worth the same amount of gold [All]larlzo: report nati please Chat 4: larlzo: graves dont need a leash larlzo: he strong larlzo: hes proxing larlzo: i get mana back on my q larlzo: if i kill things larlzo: ali larlzo: why did u even leave lane? larlzo: ali larlzo: stop chaseing larlzo: im just pokeing larlzo: WHY larlzo: ALI larlzo: PLEASE larlzo: STOP KNOCKING THEM AWAY FROM ME larlzo: YOU LEGIT DID IT EVERY TIME larlzo: lost all my stacks larlzo: cus of that shit larlzo: YOU ARE A SUPP larlzo: DEFEND ME larlzo: so fucking bad larlzo: ali larlzo: hes worth less than a cannon minion larlzo: shhh larlzo: cmon larlzo: why does my supp just randomly leave me [All]larlzo: report alistar please larlzo: stfu ali larlzo: u have no right to ping me larlzo: who alistar? larlzo: cus he strait inted 3 times larlzo: turret dived behind minions larlzo: then left lane larlzo: im prtty sure 4/9th is 4/9ths larlzo: .4444 repating larlzo: if u didnt know larlzo: what 4/9th is larlzo: oh look u didnt roam once larlzo: but himer did 3 times larlzo: why? larlzo: why not come bot where we were inting larlzo: looks like mid is the lane is worst shape tho larlzo: so who is really loseing? larlzo: no larlzo: cus u have no inhib larlzo: it is YOUR LANE larlzo: idoit larlzo: i mean this ali, is like 10 larlzo: he just runs in under turret knocking them away larlzo: and keeps chaseing them larlzo: like larlzo: wut larlzo: the 4th flash larlzo: i got from ashe larlzo: and no one has helped me capilize on it larlzo: the fuck? larlzo: i stood there larlzo: so yasuo could get away larlzo: or are you that idooitc? [All]larlzo: bruh report ali he legit inted to ashe and nauti 3 times [All]larlzo: dont tell me he didnt
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