Mean people

I'm a beginner and I really need help with mean people, I just want to practice riven, and it is not my fault for going against platinum players and smurfs when I'm just trying to do my best getting used to riven combos, in one of my game my jungle started to jump into this gold Jax without telling me and said it was my fault, but I was low like low low, and then he did it 3 more times and by that point Jax came back one shoting me in lane and then my whole team starts insulting me but i never said I was a really good riven, then they told me to uninstall and I'm positive they reported me for giving the Jax 10 kills, the Jax was pretty chill though and if I was in his team I would've honored him, but is there a way to be in like a non smurf que or like make them be quite because being told to uninstall after putting 14 hours in a game makes my blood boil and i really don't want to get banned for practicing a champion.
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