need an overhaul of rules/punishments?

I just find it very strange how some of the mechanics of league work when it comes to punishments and being reported. First off, how do they define feeding? I've seen people say they are all going to report a teammate of mine or myself just because we are new and are getting our ass kicked in lane... That is not what i would call feeding. It is not done intentionally, it is just a new player learning a new champion and maybe even learning a new position. Is there a way for riot to check on this when reports are put in? I have not been punished for this as of yet, i just find it strange that people can report a new player for "feeding". Secondly, i just got moved to the lower priority queue for literally one game. I went "afk" did not move so that we could surrender quickly because there was confusion on who was mid so we ended up with an akali support. As to not waste time, we wanted to surrender immediately and someone needed to afk. One game lost so that we can all have a better game means you need to wait 5 minutes before being put into a queue? That is insane. The last problem i see is when you don't choose a champ. After doing it 2-3 times you have to wait 6 minutes to join a queue. The reason I have an issue with this is because of the amount of rune pages you begin with. The ip price for one is insanely high and not everyone wants to or is able to spend actual cash on things like skins, rune pages, champs, ect ect. Every account should start with 5 rune pages so that you have the setup for a top, mid, bot, supp, and jg. So you are not forced into roles which you have no rune page for. Seems only logical.
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