How I lighten up the mood in my games and avoid toxicity

#Joke around more my dude If someone is flaming or preforming poorly or anything else that's making the game unenjoyable, I tell them I'll suck their dick. --- Irelia[All]: JG doesn't know what a gank is (Me) Camille: its ok Irelia if you can play safe for awhile ill suck yo dikky --- I know it sounds stupid and doesn't really change anything but it does. The facts it's just so weird catches people off guard. It gives most people the atmosphere than you can relax a bit that whatever that's typed in chat that isn't your organizing a play doesn't really matter. Frfr it's like midnight im procrastinating this book im suppose to read but like before a game starts Ill just fucking type Ahpe: P Ahpe: E Ahpe: N Ahpe: I Ahpe: S I use to be like super toxic and would be creative with my insults calling people Beer Babies repeatedly and telling them they had Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder but I've redirected that creativity into saying the stupidest shit in all chat to lighten up the mood and get other people to joke around; I kinda act as The Chaotic Good. In the end it's the internet and shit doesn't matter what you say because of the wall of anonymity you can sit behind, it's all about if you want to be your worst self be YOURself and joke around without worrying about being weird or not. --- #Learn to lighten up {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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