Stop being toxic, just play the game (moved?)

To all, I don't understand why toxicity actually exists... If you are always angry at your teammates or that your teammates always feed, then why do you play? Also making forums about Riot this and Riot that just to vent doesn't help either. I understand, some games get annoying and maybe you might just have a rough night with your allies. Any case, you are the common denominator. Maybe you aren't doing more to help turn a losing lane? Maybe you are not punishing your lane from roaming, etc. Anyways, if its commonly happening to you, then maybe you should work on trying new things that you might of hesitated. If you jungle, grab a poachers knife if you are dying BC of ward coverage lacking, if you are mid try roaming yourself. All I am saying is there is no reason to flame others when you are not putting in more effort to counterbalance the opponents advantage. Anyways flaming wont help you get anywhere either. However, if you happen to play with people who enjoy the game and even the match because you didn't flame a mistake, maybe you could also win cool stuff. It's not uncommon for mystery gifts for performing well, carrying, or even being nice. In fact, I inquired the amount of RP of gifts I have given since I started league and this is what I got: I have spent close to $7500 on league of which I almost spent $1500 on gifting (170,650 RP spent actually). Moral of the story, don't be a dick, and enjoy the game. Or you can jump ship like most flamers and go to Overwatch, etc. I'll still be here playing and enjoying making friends. After all, how many people are truly "pros", if you are not, then its a leisure activity at least. Thanks, TSP DISMAY / TSP GAY FOR PLAY / TSP FEAR... HELL I CHANGE MY NAME ALL THE TIME. šŸ˜Ž
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