People wonder why their teammates suddenly don't care and throw when they get flamed.

I play ranked for semi-serious games I don't care about my actual rank but when someone wants to be a dickhead I can just as easily throw there promos off because they don't wanna play nice and blame everyone else can you really blame the people getting flamed? I see it all the time a few people flame one person and he magically sabotages the team and everyone freaks out like it's some huge surprise... if you wanna stroke your ego by putting down your teammate and he suddenly stopped giving a shit it's just as much your fault as it is his you got to his head you made it so he's no longer having fun. IRL I'm less caring about words because I hate snowflakes, but in this situation this does not constitute being a snowflake we play games because we have fun if something is no longer fun be it the match or the game itself were obviously not going to put effort into it think about that before you flame your teammates or even watch them be flamed without saying anything to defuse it so everyone can enjoy the game.
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