Ideas: Why is League so toxic?

_This is a long read. There is no tl;dr_ Let's talk about the design of this game as it relates to player behavior. Why does *this* game in particular have such a problem? Every game has its stupid trash talk (online shooters are stereotypically full of children who go on about how they did your mother last night), its ways to troll, but as a gamer across all the genres, the troll problem seems magnified here. I've got a few ideas. So why is League so toxic? It has all of the following, with each thing adding up to more than the sum of its parts: **1. Teamwork is required in the extreme, where the actions of one person can absolutely trash a game for others. ** This is the nature of a MOBA and there isn't much to be done about it. **2. Trolls have a nearly infinite number of ways to waste your time, and you can't do much about it. ** * Surrender votes are already on a supermajority vote, yet they're gated behind a 20 minute timer. * The litany of ways to be a jerk in champ select (banning pick intents, "...or I feed", not taking assigned role) * Queue dodging forces everyone to go through pick/ban again - this can and does happen multiple times in a row * Leaving early inflicts more annoyance on the people who stayed in the game than the person who left. **3. Feedback is rare** * The only weapon you have against miscreants creates a feeling of powerlessness. * "We took action" popups are exceedingly rare. * Players committing actions that are blatantly against the summoners code are still playing games * Players have no way to see if their reports are even valid or not, not even something as minimal as a thumbs up/thumbs down. **4. Quality of life is low (other miscellaneous things)** * Bots infest ARAM and vs AI games - Riot's stated policy on banning these in waves mean that a single bot account will have interfered with over 150 games before being sold at level 30. * "Bait banning" is a thing. Get someone to say the British word for cigarette twice, report them, and they get an immediate 2 week ban. Note that I didn't include anything on the *reasons* people get banned. Very, *_very_* rarely does a post make it here that indicates someone was banned for something that they didn't deserve a ban for. By and large, Riot does a great job of keeping their false positive punishments low. That being said - all of these little things add up to a really awful perception, especially to newbies. It makes League look like a game that's overrun by trolls that you can do nothing about. Without access to their stats, I can't say whether that's true or not. I can only speculate. All I have to offer is my own anecdata - I've been keeping a paper log of my few PvP games, and can say that around 40% of my games (around 30% if we only count normals rather than ranked) feature either someone leaving, or someone *on my team* behaving in an unsportsmanlike way. In my entire time playing this game, I have not **_once_** received the thanks for reporting popup. Does this mean my reports are all invalid? I honestly, truly, do not know. This data is part of the reason I don't play much aside from ridiculous bot stuff and normals anymore. Roughly every second or third game is a negative, rather than positive experience. So that's enough of my whining. What could we do about it? Using the same categories above, I have some suggestions, **mostly spitballing**, so take these as the "throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks" that it is Going on the above categories: **2. Empower players so they're not forced to suffer the actions of a troll ** * Remove the 20 minute FF timer, as there's little benefit to forcing people to stay in a game they don't want to stay in. * This is already sort of done with the remake option, but it's extremely limited. * Remove the ability to ban hovered champions * "..or I feed" should immediately ban the player, email their porn collection to their parents, and set their computer on fire. (Only sort of kidding) * Don't tear down the lobby when someone dodges a queue - keep it active and let someone who queued for the dodged role (or picked "fill") join up in the same spot. * Enhanced penalties for habitual leavers/queue dodgers. Waiting 20 minutes to play isn't enough. * A game that's 4v5 is statistically trashed for the team that's down a player. Take the DOTA option and let everyone leave without penalty. **3. Give better feedback on reports** * A scorecard (one of the highest rated posts on this board's history) would be amazing. * Show people whether their reports, _all of them_, are having any effect, even if it's just a number or a grade. Even something like the honor system (a "defender of the rift" level, tied to valid reports) would be a huge improvement. **4. Improve quality of life** * Ban the bots sooner. 150 games per bot is a lot of ruined games. * Consider captchas before entering queue * Bait bans are becoming a problem, you've got a subset of the community that's making it their mission in life to trick people into losing their accounts. The fact that this is even possible is absurd - I know you might not want to negotiate with terrorists, but please, for the love of all things holy, turn that system off. That's all I have. Any other bullet points you'd add?
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