Bullying becoming a large problem in League

I was recently in a ranked game. None of us had said anything and it was rather quiet. Top started to get ganked by the enemy jungle and still nothing was said. After another gank on the toplane, he started to comment "dont play jungle btw." At first , i started to ignore him because he was just being cranky about being killed, whatever. Eventually, the top's snowballed into other lanes, and every lane started to blame me, the jungler. However, i gave more than enough ganks bot, mid, and top. They all started to flame me really hard and bully me out of the game. I decided to defend myself and comment on all their bad decisions and how they can improve. More snarky attitudes and comments followed such as "Dont play jungle" "GG jungle" "our jungle is special :)" Later, I got chat restricted. Thanks riot. This is a terrible justice system where if one person gets jumped by 4, the victim is punished. I dont really understand this, but the game is falling apart :(
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