So I browsed through the Boards, Subreddits, and Youtube comments of those defending Tyler1.

Some common things I noticed: 1. "OTHER PEOPLE DID ACCOUNT BUYING/BOOSTING/ETC TOO THEREFORE THAT MAKES IT OKAY" 2. _someone tries to reason with a fanboy about why Tyler1 got banned_ ā†’ "NO F*** YOU F***** R***** LITTLE DIPS***"/etc. 3. "HE'S POPULAR THEREFORE HE'S IMMUNE TO BEING BANNED FOR BEING AN ASSHOLE" 4. "OTHER PEOPLE STARTED SHITTALKING THEREFORE IT MAKES IT OKAY TO SHITTALK BACK" 5. "HE'S REFORMED, PRETEND HE DOESN'T HAVE LIKE 20 PERMABANNED ACCOUNTS" 6. "HE'S NOT TOXIC HE'S JUST NORMAL" ( uh, wtf, that's even worse ) 7. "I LIKED HIS STREAMS THEREFORE IT MAKES IT OKAY" etc etc. Seriously? The only thing you're doing is making yourselves look bad. EDIT: Oh look, the fanboys are back.
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