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I didn't really know what board to put this under but I think that it goes here. I know a person that at the beginning of the year got there account taken away by riot because they were playing ranked where I know their trolls, not very nice people, and since it was the beginning of the year you have people who were really good at the game. They got into a little argument with the other players and were reported. i know this is protocol and such, but i feel that is a little harsh. I want to know if there is a way to get the account back or transfer the stuff over to another account such as a friend or get a refund for all the skins they have bought because this account owner has spent at least two hundred dollars on it, and now they can't play. I feel that this account should be given back, or at least let the owner remove the credit or debit info from it, and get their money back. Anyone willing to clear me up on what is happening or giving some advice for me and the account owner then please enlighten me. Another problem I want to talk about is what ages play this game. Tell me most people who play this game have come in in the past five years or so but I have played with people who claim to be 10 and 30 but what i want to talk about is how these different groups act like a majority. The younger side tends to get ticked off and 'rage quit' while you have the older group that take the game as chill, and that is cool. You have people who take the game way too seriously and people who are not. The two groups don't mix. I am not saying that everyone follows this but a majority of people do. I feel that something should be done about this because this problem connects to my problem above. The account owner above had been attacked by harassment from his team and the opposing team while he sat by. When they finally hit a nerve the account owner tried to defend themselves, and just got more hate. I feel that although there are many good components to league of legends bad stuff is starting to tarnish that rep it has.
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