First offense intentional feeding - Why 14 days?

It's the summer, my friends are on and I'm having a great time on league, usually 6 hours a day after work. I just want to play a calm game of normals on {{champion:350}} , and chill with my 3 queue. Player X instantly flames me for picking {{champion:350}} after ban phase. An enemy dodges. We get in champ select with the same Player X, who team bans {{champion:350}} after I declare my intent to play her again. Now upset that he banned my {{champion:350}}, I feed his lane hard as {{champion:223}}, fighting toxicity with toxicity. I make friends with some enemies as we dance in baron pit, my teammates are laughing about it and the game is at very least entertaining to everyone except Player X who has been continuously flaming me in chat. Shortly after an 0/23 game I receive a 14 day ban. Sure, I hard int'ed. Yes I think a suspension is in order. _**Here's what I don't think is fair.**_ I've been around since season 2, and have been an Honor 3 player without any prior suspensions or warnings. I know the typical response in this community and when dealing with Riot is "We have 0 tolerance, you broke the rules, you're a negative impact on the game, go take your ban and play in the streets". That said, I would wager it's almost certain that I've spread more positivity in this game than negativity. I'm not going to go out of my way to ruin someone's day unless they're being toxic. Obviously int'ing a lane and being toxic isn't a 'good' way to do that. But damn! I don't think anybody who ints for the first time is aware that it's a 2 week ban no questions asked. I've been playing for years and that's not something I've bothered to research. If I had known that an automated system was going to come along, look at the one game I had in a sour mood and kick me off the game for 14 days during some prime summer nights, I never would've done it. Two weeks may not seem like a long time to some players, but I'm playing with friends every single day for multiple hours... 14 days hurts. _**So my questions are:**_ 1. What do you think a justified ban for this scenario is? 2. Should players who are 'new' to toxic behavior receive warnings before action is taken? EDIT: Not sure why this is attracting many downvotes, I merely presented a scenario and some questions. The best way for Riot to hear about potential improvements to their system is reading a productive discussion. Don't downvote everything I write because I inted, if there's a case to be heard by the lesser heard side, at least provide a refutation.

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