Unique, and rare, but very uncomfortable, but yet, unreportable

This was my first and only time encountering this odd player type. Most people who I report are inters, toxic people, or just straight up refusing to work as a team. But this person, was very different. they started off around 30 seconds depicting s_xual acts in very great detail. Everyone in the game was pissed at them. They straight up continued doing that the whole game. They fed hard since they were typing it all in all chat. Everyone basicly agreed to report them, but post game, when you reported them, there was no option for it. They were trying, werent being toxic, they were using and slurs, yet it was obviously wrong. In no universe is it acceptable to do that. The report page should have a Miscellaneous section that REQUIRES an explanation at the bottom. Best of luck TheAppleTree25 (NA)
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