I'm not lying, someone ACTUALLY SAID THIS.

I'm playing Pyke support despite not wanting to play support at all, I'm giving her gold with my ult and we're doing great. She AFKs in base. I'm like "Vayne?" She's like "Wut?" I said "Just checking if you're still there". She says "I got tilted because you keep KSing"(Let's ignore the fact that I'm pretty much the only reason she's getting any gold and the main reason we're getting any kills). I say "Do you not know Pyke's abilities? You get the gold from my ult...". She says "I want KDA" and leaves me alone in bot lane for the rest of the game in a 2v1 vs Soraka Twitch. We lose the game because there's no teamwork despite 4 of them being on the same club. Like WHAT?! What's even worse is it was a Vayne and she was basically getting fed, we should have won that game.
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