Giving up and Greifing

I'd like to make a complaint to Riot. For awhile know I have been slowly climbing my way up in Silver and have had a pleasant time with some teams even when we lose, but there has been a reoccurring factor that has been causing my games to be the least, most uninteresting, most frustrating, and aggravating in my games. I'm talking about the people who halfway in the game, even if we are winning, give up and start feeding the enemy team. These sociopolitical players are being found again and again in my games. If it didn't happen that often, I wouldn't bother you about this, but the sheer amount of time it has happened has made me feel like you are not stepping up to the task of dealing with these players. If you read this, please tell me you are doing something, cuz it feels like your giving the community a middle finger on this one.
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