Bullshit chat restriction

Game 1 In-Game Smokezzzzzzz: im going to int Smokezzzzzzz: lux Smokezzzzzzz: if you take 1 more minion Smokezzzzzzz: im running it tdown Smokezzzzzzz: dont test me Smokezzzzzzz: lmao Smokezzzzzzz: u suck balls Smokezzzzzzz: report lux trolling Smokezzzzzzz: taking all cs Smokezzzzzzz: im going to lose this lane either way so better int so you guys have fun Smokezzzzzzz: cant win with a r%%%%%ed support anywayt Smokezzzzzzz: morgana you are r%%%%%ed Smokezzzzzzz: just as lux Smokezzzzzzz: guess all support players are brain damaged Smokezzzzzzz: this lux takes all farm from start Smokezzzzzzz: she doesnt leash so she can have first 4 minions Smokezzzzzzz: are you talking to me lux? Smokezzzzzzz: why you dont leash to take cs? Smokezzzzzzz: nope Smokezzzzzzz: you should have thaught of that before you took all my cs Smokezzzzzzz: and you didnt care that i would int did you? Smokezzzzzzz: because you are just as brain damaged as her Smokezzzzzzz: because i have a support that doesnt leash to steal my farm Smokezzzzzzz: and put me behind Smokezzzzzzz: lux stealing all my farm is toxic behavior Smokezzzzzzz: yeah before lux was trolling Smokezzzzzzz: but than she died Smokezzzzzzz: because she tried to engage you guys while she was level 2 Smokezzzzzzz: but i was level 1 because she stole my farm Smokezzzzzzz: and then we lost fight Smokezzzzzzz: ez Smokezzzzzzz: gg wp report lux troll Post-Game Smokezzzzzzz: yes Smokezzzzzzz: report lux . In a certain way i get why i got restricted, but being restricted doesnt make it any easier to tell a support to stop taking cs which happens 95% of my games
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