Universal Player Behavior Rule in League

so pretty much based on the recent Nubrac Vs NB3 drama, i assume that anything a player does that does not get them banned, is allowed? For instance NB3s afk and toxicity in chat is perfectly fine right? he never got banned for it, so the next time i see someone play something i don’t like, i’m allowed to afk and flame them for it right? this is allowed right riot? Since nightblue never got banned for it, i can’t either right? So i can flame and afk as much as i want if someone picks/plays something off meta right? by allowing certain trolls to continue playing the game after repeatedly reporting them also supports this right. If someone trolls ur game, you report them, and they still don’t get banned, that means what they did is perfectly fine right? so i can run it down as a jgler whenever my laners are 0/3 before ten minutes because if a troll i previously played with can do it without being punished, so can i right? so riot is saying that NB3s and other toxic players that don’t get banned aren’t breaking the summoners code since they aren’t getting banned... correct? if this behavior is breaking the rules, how come NB3 and others aren’t banned yet EDIT: this post is sarcasm, to make fun of riot for letting certain favorites be toxic and get away with it
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