Toxic players still around in droves

I've been playing League again the last month or so with a friend, and I must say it's sad. I nearly climbed out of Silver just to find the biggest bunch of toxic people I've ever played with. I try to stay positive and encourage them to farm and work towards coming back into the game only to find people sitting at towers being toxic in chat. Complain about their support, jungle, or whatever. I realize people have bad games, but the language, name calling, and such are really getting out of hand. I'm surprised some of these people are even allowed to still play the game. It's greatly ruined my experience. I've nearly dropped down to Bronze because of it. Sitting at Silver 5. I've played seven ranked games today, and only won one of those due to people being toxic. Some cases everyone on the team feeds. Mostly ranting. Have a good day.

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