Account got banned for Third party application

DS4Windows by Jays2Kings
DS4 Tool for Windows
My account (Fast2Freedom) got a message on 10 Juni 2019, that it gots banned permanently. On that day I didn't play the game. Account Message: Account Banned. This account has been permanently banned for the use of prohibited third party software. On 8 Juni 2019. I only started the League of Legends game launcher. But didn't play a match that day. I was waiting for a friend and was playing a game in Steam. For the game in Steam I used an PS4 program (DS4Windows) for the computer. This might be the cause of it. Is it possible to unbanned my account? Cause I created 4 tickets on website of League of Legends. But I don't see any tickets on the website anymore and didn't receive an e-mail or any update.
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