Be me second match with nocturne in 5 months, hard carry my team get a penta and another one stolen. Carry my 1-9 annie mid who says im feeding, fucking trolls takes at least 2 of my blue and red buffs, takes baisaclly all my camps except for golems then complains why I dont defend mid, honestly cant stand my rank in leauge I will actually quit if im forced to play with these kinds of people. Edit: Since my point isnt clear going across yall, what im trying to say is making your jungler go behind should not be okay, their is no point in taking jg camps instead of clearing your own wave and roaming, I understand as a jungler that if your mid is losing and they are ap u should give them blue buff, but setting me behind as I need to farm up (especially if im Rengar) should somewhat not be okay and this should be reportable.
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