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Before reading the post below quickly cast a random vote on the poll below the post. So first I'd like to let every know that this post is just a way for me let off a bit of steam. I've already reported the parties in question using in-game feature. I certainly had the most wonderful experience (sarcasm -__-) in a ranked 5v5 placement game. Let me tell you, it was something. So i'm totally ready to stack those W's you know but then, a match is found. It loads in and my teammates begin highlighting their prefer champion choices. Oho boy, lets see, there was a {{champion:21}} , oh yes and, a {{champion:202}} and what else...... hmmm..... oh haha silly me right i forgot about the best one, {{champion:18}} . So one might thinking "ay bro, every team has a win condition" true true..... but anyways you may wonder which role was i? funny story. I'm the bot lane carry who typically plays marksman for meta..... but.... you know my team already had 3 marksman lined up and getting ready to lock. You know even tho it fell out of meta quite a while ago, we got that good stuff, Miss Fortune Support. Then naturally we gotta have that Jhin mid lane, but i absolutely had to save the best for last. *drum roll* the player who won jungle role and says "give me adc" then locks tristana with ignite and flash. Of course this is a placement game so i mean i can't really dodge. As one might have already suspected, yes the fortune support took a gold item, and still proceeded to farm the cs in bot lane, only set back for them was competing with the tristana jungle that naturally ran down bot and started farming as well. you know what this looks like? wait wait wait let me get my riot vision goggles. ahem ok ready. "well hmm, it would appear that these fine respectable players are.. what was it? ah yes having a bad game. Unfortunate." derp haha thats right, a bad game, so i better just let it go they got a to learn from it and i can always get the NEXT placement game naturally ( -____-). Anyone else got specifically a placements match story that particularly grates on their nerves. Feel free to let off some steam in this post for a positive outlet, cuz ya know, wouldn't want to seem toxic god forbid. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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