Got banned for "Inting"

I have just been banned and I understand that this ban is technically correct. However it is a bit more complicated than that... It was decided from the beginning by the majority of the team that we would forfeit the match, due to a troll / "afk" on our team. We did not want to wait until minute 20 until we could forfeit. We could not forfeit before that, due to the troll. Let me briefly explain the background: 1. We were in champ select and mordekaiser got banned. 2. Our toplane wanted to play mordekaiser and picked nami, and went afk (spamming spells not to technically go afk, but he was not present) 3. We decided as a team (except for the afk ofcourse) that we would like to forfeit this game and all acted accordingly, leaving our lanes open. 4. I did try to make the most fun of the situation, considering that I would loose my LP anyway. Yes, I did get killed a lot while making fun. I got banned for two weeks for the reason of "intentional feeding" however whereas this might be technically correct, it was decided by the whole team that we would forfeit. As a teamplayer I respected the decision we made as a team and did not act against it. How do you see it? is it justified? Is there a chance I could get bailed out of jail? Usually I never feed and I play until the very end and don't /ff no matter how far behind we are.
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