Is it bad to dodge an obviously-trolled game?

Now normally, I'm on the straight and narrow, or as straight and narrow someone who tries to play with their opponent's emotions can get. I sit through games that are clearly lost (until we're allowed to surrender, anyhow), and I keep trying, even if we've clearly lost. But today, I was about to go into a match, when I noticed my adc telling the jungler to switch to smite. I didn't notice he'd been sitting on ignite instead. He ignored the entire team's pleas to switch to smite, and didn't do anything... So, to save the entire team, I just closed out of the client. I dodged, so three others wouldn't have to put up with a troll. So is it a bad thing that I did that? I mean, sure, I have that stupid 5-minute wait timer because I did so, but the fact remains that had we not dodged, we'd probably have had someone purposefully feeding all game, ending with a rather painful defeat that nobody would have been able to shake off. And the guy would probably be laughing the whole while about it, too.
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