Banned for 1st time offenders

I understand it hates speech, but maybe riot needs to change up their rules for first time offenders as in 2 week chat ban instead of being banned from the game completely for 2 weeks. Ya'll need to have something like a baseball game 3 strikes then ur out. not just boom 1 word and ur banned. This is what Riot really needs to think about is would help people understand more of how serious they are about banning players. The thing is players spend a lot of there time and not only that , but there money and when 1 thing is said from a first time offender like me I get banned for 2 whole weeks. I can't even get off with a warning and get chat banned for 2 weeks. I know it's possible to do something for people that are the innocent when they are being trolled. TO start with my live chat with a riot support service RedEdge Customer support JuttaFukI just want to understand why I have been banned for 14 days and didn't just receive a chat restriction. This is my first time being reported because i got hot headed for someone flaming me, which is the person that should have been banned not me. The whole banning system riot has needs to be fixed ya'll will lose a lot of players this way and riot really needs to think about all the players that spend money and then ya'll turn around the ban them completely from their account that they can never access ever again. Chat started RedEdge joined the chat RedEdgeHey there! how are you doing today? JuttaFukI have been better to be honest RedEdgeI'm sorry to hear that D: What all happened in that game? JuttaFukWe have 2 enemies of the opposing team that were just getting under mine and my fiance skin. I tried to hard to let it go, but my stubborn hard head got the best of me. RedEdgeIt really is tought not lashing back out at other palyers when they are flaming us like that I totally get you there! But remember, that both initiating and retaliating with negative chat both break our behavioral guidelines. JuttaFukNot once have a played a game where the enemies were rude. I do understand that, but this is my first time ever being reported... and I have never been chat banned before so for the first time getting reported I dont get chat banned as a warning I get banned for 14 days... I'm really not a negative person when it comes to gaming RedEdgeWell it is possible to skip steps in penalty escalation depending on the severity give me a sec to check into your account here? JuttaFukok. RedEdgeOhhhh I see what happened here. It looks like you used hate speech a few times ("%%%" was the term used). I know it sucks when players are flaming us like that but there really is no in game reason that justifies hate speech. It really does have the potential to massively impact other players negatively. Since we deem it to be much more severe you were escalated stright to a 2-week. I'm sorry that happened to you JuttaFukI would honestly been fine with never being able to chat with anyone...this is the only game I play. RedEdgeI have a resolution for you then actually! If you are still finding it hard to stop yourself from chatting negatively, you can actually disable your "enter" key in a sense. This way, even if you feel like giving into the temptation to chat negatively, you physically won't be able to type in chat. You can do this by following the instructions in this link here: JuttaFukBut i wont be able to do that for 2 weeks? RedEdgeI wish I wasn't the bearer of bad news here, but yes that is the case, the 2-week will need to stay in place on your account sadly JuttaFukI have seen and heard people who have said worse things then what I did that game and never have been banned. I just see it as unfair that 1 game I say I word that i shouldnt have said but i cant get a warning.... there is honestly nothing u can do for me not even a smaller ban the 2 weeks... RedEdgeI definitely don't want you to feel singled out here! Any time a player breaks our behavioral guidelines and it is brought to our attention we penalize for it, which means we really are just holding you to the same standards as the rest of the community. If you have summoner names of players that you have seen using that kind of chat could you send them my way? I'd be happy to look into their accounts for you And I really wish I could give you the outcome you want, but we can't turn a blind eye to hate speech, and the 2-week suspension is the appropriate penalty here JuttaFukI have plenty of people, and i do feel singled out completely! I havent done anything wrong since i have made this account...and i say one word and I skip all the other steps and just get banned I cant even get of my friends list to get the summoners names RedEdgeI know that it sucks, but all it does take is 1 game with negativity to warrant a penalty, and since hate speech is something we deem to be more severe, we escalate players straight to a 2-week for it And I'll go ahead and start with the players in the game that lead to your suspension and will take action on their accounts based on what I find JuttaFukThis is so wrong for yall to do this to, not only to me, but to a lot of other players as well. RedEdgeI definitely understand how much this sucks, but my hands are tied here, we really can't turn a blind eye to hate speech like taht JuttaFukreally focus of the patheon and kai'sa and there was one more that u should look into that played with patheon bot against with me and fiance RedEdgeWill do! Do you have any specifics for me? Anything will really help my investigation for sure! JuttaFukso is the word %%% worse than saying kys(kill yourself)? RedEdgeHate speech and telling another player to harm themself are both things we treat as extremely severe as they have the potential to massively impact the players involved negatively did they tell you to "kys" in your game? JuttaFukI really cant help without a friends list from previous games Not this specific game no, but i have reported plenty of people that have said it in game or worse then the word %%% and I never got a response that an action was taken. RedEdgeIf you report someone and you don't receive an instant notification that your report lead to a penalty on their account it doesn't mean they weren't penalized. Sorry for the confusion here but sometimes the notifications don't go through! And thats ok! I'll go back through and check up on the behavior of the players! It's totally fine that you don't have their sum names JuttaFukI understand it hates speech, but maybe riot needs to change up their rules for first time offenders as in 2 week chat ban instead of being banned from the game completely for 2 weeks. Ya'll need to have something like a baseball game 3 strikes then ur out. not just boom 1 word and ur banned. Riot is losing a lot of players because the innocent get in trouble and the trolls get away with it. RedEdgeYou know you do have a bunch of good advice here! If you would like you can head over to the boards and post your ideas there. This way you can hash your suggestion over with the rest of the community and get more exposure: JuttaFukok thanks.
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