I would like some information on why I got banned

I got a 14 day suspension where I was "toxic" in one game. I have never been banned or chat restricted before and a decent honor level. The Blitzcrank bot also said that I have 5 reports in 20 games, which seems pretty low to me? I could be wrong but in 20 games I have 180 teammates and 5 reports is less than 3%. I will put some context for things, not sure if it matters, but let me know what you guys think, if what I said was worthy of a 14 day ban, I just want to know what thing was it. Background on the game. I was duo bot with a friend playing yasuo nautilus. We wanted to try something a little off-meta and theory craft a bit. Their team had a bunch of CC so we took cleans but since they didn't have gap closers (other than flash) we took ghost to catch/run away from them. It's normals, we can experiment, right? Anyways, after a poor invade things didnt go so well especially since neither one of us were playing champs that we were comfortable on and our team (especially the mid laner, the top was more focused on flaming the yuumi jungler). I didn't have the greatest game, I will admit that, but I got banned for being toxic, I just don't know why, I have asked a couple friends and they don't understand so since riot says that "I have deemed to be too toxic by the community," I am opening it up to the community to judge me and tell me what I said that was toxic. Game 1 Pre-Game DaybreakingNight: firfsrt time yas In-Game DaybreakingNight: your choice DaybreakingNight: top trolling DaybreakingNight: this game in winnable DaybreakingNight: you cant report me for inting when you dont want to try DaybreakingNight: that is reporting DaybreakingNight: reportable DaybreakingNight: can you stop DaybreakingNight: unlucky DaybreakingNight: trying to surrender when the team wants to keep playing is a reportable offense DaybreakingNight: its against summoners code DaybreakingNight: just fyi DaybreakingNight: can you stop DaybreakingNight: please DaybreakingNight: im trying to win DaybreakingNight: please report mid - **_mid said please report bot in all chat_** DaybreakingNight: for griefing DaybreakingNight: ty DaybreakingNight: lux you should prob see a doctor about that - **_Said she was "shaking in all chat_** DaybreakingNight: ok? DaybreakingNight: if you get upset about people trying in a video game you have something wrong in your head - **_In response to him saying: "inting in a video games clearly means you have something wrong in your head" or something very similar_**
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