What happen to league of legends?

Recently a person posted a topic why he is toxic. Well let me explain a bit adult insight into it. This game in beta had no report option There was no rank There was no win/loss record There was no penalty for leaving All you saw in game was KDA After the game was over it was like it never existed It was the best game known to man kind. Everyone joked around enemy and friendly alike competitive talk was all good it was all fun. Two people leave game or go afk? Just leave too less than minute later in another game Someone trolling just leave. Someone insulting being jerk insult them back. Than Riot had the brilliant idea to implement Win/Loss record. People complained they didn't want it but Riot used all their great wisdom. Soon after everyone trolled everyone about their win/loss records Than the real garbage came ... by garbage I mean all of the scum Death/Rape threats got flung around and Riot begun the long journey to failure by reacting wrong. Riot wanted money bad so they didn't want to just straight up perm ban those people who pushed it too far. Than warning system so people who shouldn't have been in game still played and got what was known as "worthless warnings" Cause they didn't ban back than.. so every game you would listen to them swear and cuss insult and threaten you. Than others would do it in return. To the people the next game and so on and so on. At least you could still go afk or leave game right? Not for long... first came the mouse movement. If you didn't move your mouse anywhere in game for period of time you would get marked afk and get timeout Than came the kill count Than the more advance system they have used over the last several years now which is mix of everything. So where did riot fail? They failed when they hired game designers who only skill set was playing world of warcraft... o you mean where they fail With the game itself? 1. Pushing the system beyond just perm removing people breaking the law. 2. Trying to add competitiveness in game the lasts to long which most of it is out of your control. 3. Adding stat counters and figures so everyone can look it up on web page to harass and shame. 4. Hiring a failed grad student they ended up firing cause they didn't want lawsuit for using psychobabble on kids. 5. Being riot Who am I? The person everyone thought was going to be first perm ban back in day cause I told a game designer that is now fired they were wrong. What is that top 10% honor in season one of the system icon? Almost ten years later?
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